ARPA-H for Massachusetts: Making the impossible possible every day

"ARPA-H will have a singular purpose: to drive breakthroughs in biomedicine; to prevent, detect, and treat diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes." – President Joe Biden

Massachusetts has the density of resources necessary for ARPA-H to thrive - talent, research universities, teaching hospitals, and innovative companies

We have the people

ARPA-H needs the best & brightest problem-solvers in the world, focused on global challenges.

We built the ecosystem

ARPA-H would benefit from our history of strong investment in industry, healthcare, and academia.

We are the home of innovation

ARPA-H should be in the global epicenter of breakthrough scientific progress & investment.

Why Massachusetts?


Local Universities & Multiple World Class Research Hospitals


Per Capita Industry Investment in R&D


of the Largest Biotechnology & Pharma Companies


in NIH Funding Annually


Per Capita Venture Investment in Biotech & Medical Device Companies

Highest Percentage of Adults in the Nation with A Bachelor’s Degree and Advanced Degrees



Public Middle School & High School STEM Education

Highest COVID Vaccination Rate in The Country



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